"fábrica São Pedro" Ltda.

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A community of people commonly respecting health issues

The optimal use of the services provided demands a conscious dealing with the offers. The “São Pedro”-Itu community welcomes members who are interested in being aware about healthy living. The community provides a basic education in an assignment workshop. Completing this workshop is the pre-condition of becoming a member or partner.

A collaboration of interdisciplinary engaged professionals

What the “São Pedro”-Itu-project provides for its clients is the accessibility of all the services related to the maintenance of one’s health and well-being at one address. In this way, the clients become members of the “São Pedro”-Itu-project. The holistic concept of the offer contains the coordinated combination of local businesses (who are partners of the “São Pedro”-Itu-project) offering different services, such as:

Each “São Pedro”-Itu -partner in the “São Pedro”-Itu community benefits from the proximity of the complementing services, and contributes on his part to the other partners. Being a project partner improves one’s efficiency by collaborating with the other partners beyond the borders of defined professions. That’s why the community grows with the engagement of it’s members.

Sharing benefits and responsibilities

“São Pedro”-Itu is built up as a collaborative project - the success of the one is the success of all. This motivates responsible behavior and business practices, as well as maintenance of the facilities, provides a sustainable success of the initiator's investment. But over all, the community model lowers the start-up costs for the single “São Pedro”-Itu -partners and the fixed costs during the operation. It distributes the economical risk among the partners, and makes the collaboration more flexible and sustainable.