Physical health is what affects us most directly. In order to maintain or support the improvement of physical health, it must be considered holistically and individually.

- The uniqueness of each and every body — At every point in time of a life, the things we were born with are formed by whatever has befallen them to date. Accordingly, each body is unique. A large variety of combinable service offers enables  individual tailoring to needs.

- The body's capabilities — The body is prepared for its activities, all components are finely tuned to each other to keep these capabilities in reserve. Using these capabilities  constantly refines the fine tuning of the component, stores the capabilities or builds upon them. The combination of service offers will provide diversity in measures, as well as the possibility of monitoring by specialists. 

- Providing for the body — Alongside healthy nutrition belongs a healthy and sustainable environment. This is why services in the field of healthy and organic nutrition  will be provided. The entire concept is based on embedding all service offers into an environment created to be sustainable and maintainable.  

Mind and Soul

- Curiosity and learning — The acquisition of knowledge and learning new skills will be enabled by creating incentives. In addition, a combination of services which are continuously available will be provided, but also limited collaborations within or among the projects will be possible..

- Values— The learning and the collaborations are based on common goals and values.  Through these, and by juxtaposing the service offers, members have the possibility to to define, develop or change said goals and values, either as a group or individually.

- Self-esteem — In order to communicate individual opinions and build self-esteem, a low-confrontation environment will be provided.

- Mutuality — The common goals set for each project are aligned with those of members with similar interests. This provides the opportunity for mutual support, which leads to the social integration of the individual members.

- Freedom of choice — The combined service offers can be used with no obligations. The freedom of choice guaranteed thereby provides the largest possible room for development.

- Sustainability — Health is a long-term commitment, the environment is also defined by its enduring nature. Sustainability of the projects is given through the members' direct involvement, enabling modifications to serve changing needs.


Inclusion in a community widens possibilities for the individual, whether it is about learning, helping, or relaxing. The community provides a secure environment for its members.

- The Communication — The common interest which brought the members together in this community guarantees a broad basis for exchange, learning, and communicating.

- The Economy — The economic foundation for the community is in line with sustainability, as it distributes equally not only advantages and synergies, but also responsibilities and duties among the partners. The advantages in turn, can only be achieved when the acceptance among members and visitors is high enough.

- The Flexibility — The mechanisms of the development of the operation are based on voluntariness, and envisage an appropriate amount of flexibility in the duration of obligations.