There are many places out there where you can train, relax or get treated. But what you'll find different at a CAMPOVIDA skilled environment is what adds a tremendous value to our body and mind processes: attention and a sense of belonging. Imagine being among people with a similar mind set, attended by the experts who focus specifically on you, set your personal goals with you, and monitor you improvements throughout. 

Benefiting from the synergy of our services

What makes CAMPOVIDA-concept different is that everyone is an owner and it's up to each and every member to grow the community and benefit from the results. The more you participate - the more you get out of it. Here you will not only train your body but also discover what enables you living a desirable life. In other places your body is treated as a tool, where quick-fix solutions tune only parts of the body. At CAMPOVIDA we strive for a wholesome holistic approach, where you train, treat, relax your body, and at the same time balance your mind, learn, practice new skill sets and share your knowledge with others.

This approach, characterized by the treatment of the whole person and taking into account one's mental and social factors, is at the core of what we do.