"we all have dreams and desires. It’s what we do in life that makes a difference. at the heart of what we do is our own health. personal and highly individual, our health is a pre-condition for all that we do in our pursuit of happiness. health is about more than simply tending to the body – it‘s about how we live and the conscious decisions we make in our actions. total health means caring for our bodies and minds, physically, mentally and socially, as individuals, families, and as a community. 

bringing all these aspects together is our aim. a community of people who want to live consciously, and the specialists who facilitate the right environment in interdisciplinary collaboration.

health should have no boundaries, and we want our vision to be accessible to as many people as possible. with a firm belief in a society of sharing, we are starting as a cooperative project. we will share our ideas and knowledge, time and engagement, as well as economic opportunities and risks. 

creating a CAMPOVIDA-project means becoming a community."