Our bodies are the vessels of our minds. They are engineered to serve us well - there is a physical or mental solution to almost every life situation we might face. Good news is that we are able to strengthen our bodies and exercise our minds. We are born with a tremendous potential and are able to face any challenge, but only if we train for it. 

Here you will find a list of basic activities offered by the community which would help you train, maintain or develop your physical skills. Here you will also find a discussion forum where community members and partners from various locations would share the knowledge or give feedback on these various offered activities.

Outdoor sports

Become a partner if you want to be engaged in training, classes management or equipment sales or rental. The outdoor activities' curriculum varies by location. 

Indoor sports

Become a partner to enable members to try out and choose between various indoor activities and to find the right fit for each individual. Indoor classes differ by location.

Water activities

Become a partner in the water sports. Many possibilities exist to be engaged with the healing powers of water. Swimming pool and spa availability varies by location.


A healthy body wouldn't survive without a healthy diet. become a partner by sharing your food skills, whether as a chef, a nutritionist, or a gardener, and feed and educate a healthy community with a nature's own menu.