Terms and Conditions

This site invites you to experiment different configurations of engagement into the project:

  • what area do you rent,
  • how much do you invest into the project,
  • what turnover do you plan to have with your businesses and
  • what clients do you expect to reach.

You will discover that the more intense your participation is, the higher benefits you recieve - attracting a higher number of visitors and members (even if they visit only your neighbours) reduces your expenses.

Your investment into the project does not only increase your returns, but it also provides you a voice on how this participation can be continually optimised.

Disclaimer: This calculation illustrates the concept of the project and it’s estimates. The actual result of the future business operation, depends on the operation activities themselves. All the calculations and projections on that site are based on the entered by the client figures. All the calculation results are not reflecting the future development of inflation.