18.03.2014, Berlin, Germany

After seven month of intensive work on preparing the start-up, and sketching the goals to pursue, inspired by a vision of what we called "skilled environments", we founded the CAMPOVIDA GmbH. CAMPOVIDA is dedicated to develop the pilot project (fabrica "São Pedro" in Itu, Brazil) to a number of future skilled environments, supporting the local small businesses in the provision of services improving the environment for a healthy lifestyle to the people.

01.09.2013, Itu, São Paulo, Brazil

We visited the site of the São Pedro factory in Itu, SP, Brazil, observing the potentials for a future development. What we saw was a charming abandoned factory, utilised by enthusiasts for the better of the local people: a charming improvised cultural centre with ateliers, exhibition area and almost weekly events about all around culture in the neighbourhood, and also a large fitness venture, providing all the popular indoor sports. The "fabrica São Pedro" has become a local highlight! And, last not least - the municipality organises weekly a weekly sports event to the wider publics.

It doesn't take much do get to the wish to support what happens there and set-up the right tools for a further successful development! The "fabrica São Pedro" in Itu became the inspiration to what now CAMPOVIDA is. We decided to make it the pilot project.