At the ground-breaking ceremony 1924, provided by the papal legate Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, the later Pope John XXIII, the building was initiated to serve the purpose of the operation of the Opera Italiano pro Oriente. After its completion, the build- ing was occupied by the “Instituto Leonardo da Vinci”, a private mixed college. At the end of the WWII, the building became nationalized and re-dedicated to a music college. 

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Opera Italiana pro Oriente

During its operation as the renown Sofia Music College, the facility experienced various fittings and reconstructions. The concert hall of the building became independently accessible, while the central entrance to the street was removed in favour to an access from the backyard. The east wing was extended too, and the original rooftop was removed and rebuilt in higher area utilization. The initial neo-renaissance appearance was successively replaced with a slicker fa├žade, as it was popular in the early socialist era.