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CAMPOVIDA-concept    The operation and development concept of the CAMPOVIDA GmbH. It consists of following components:

- a definition of the mission, the vision,

- a service concept, including the a value system and performance profile,

- a operation plan, including organization structure and cash-flow model,

- a development and funding plan.


CAMPOVIDA-project    The local and independent Enterprise, developed and operating, as well as evolving, based on the CAMPOVIDA-concept. Thisi the "Skilled Environment" itself.


CAMPOVIDA-partners    Those of the invited service and product providers, who take part on the development and operation of the CAMPOVIDA-project.   


CAMPOVIDA-initiators    Those who invest into shares of the CAMPOVIDA-project without providing further services (not occupying any spaces in the skilled environment).


CAMPOVIDA-members    Those of the clients of the CAMPOVIDA-partners, who contribute an monthly membership fee, and who participate by chance at the operation of the project.


CAMPOVIDA-guests    Those of the clients, who visit spontaneously the project and afford only the single entrance fee.


CAMPOVIDA-platform    The platform that interconnects the different CAMPOVIDA-projects and provides following information and synergies:

- the vision of the projects, it’s goals and their evolution,

- the service concept of the projects, it’s values and profile,

- the operation and organization concepts, as well as the cash-flow model,

- the development and financial concept.